Confirmed tornado touches down in Lovelady

Photo: KPRC Local 2 Phil Archer
Photo: KPRC Local 2 Phil Archer

LOVELADY, TexasOne person was injured after a confirmed tornado touched down in Lovelady, south of Crockett, early Sunday evening.

It happened around 5 p.m. Sunday.

The National Weather Service surveyed the damage left behind to confirm that an EF-1 tornado actually touched down.

"We have very large trees uprooted and some trailers that were rolled and that points to a high end, EF-1 on that scale," said Dan Reilly with the NWS.

Several structures in Lovelady were damaged and two mobile homes on FM 1280 were destroyed. Winds flipped one over completely. It came to rest upside down with its axles exposed in the air.

The home next door was also destroyed when three trees fell on top of it, splitting it in two.

Neighbors helped pull Toni Cowger out of the home. She was taken to the hospital and received stitches for a gaping wound on her leg.

Cowger said just moments before the trees crashed into the dining room, she had been sitting at the dining room table.

"It would have probably killed me if I would have been sitting at the table where I usually sit," said Cowger.

Cowger said she left the dining room to look out the window after seeing tin flying outside of her home.

"You didn't have time to think. I was just there and it was gone. I was just trying to get myself off the floor," said Cowger.

Cowger's family members arrived at the home Monday morning to try and salvage what they could.

"It's hard to watch your momma lose everything. But we have her and you can't ask for anything else. And we're not going to. We're a big family that's always stuck together and so this is just another bump in the road. We'll get through it like anything else," said Charlie Cowger, Toni's daughter.

The tornado also caused minor damage to one entryway at Lovelady High School. Classes went on as normal on Monday.