Mom, kids terrorized in Wharton

Woman said her house was shot at, her car torched and her dogs killed

WHARTON – A family was terrorized in three different ways all in one night after someone shot at their home, killed their dogs and torched their cars.

Officials said it all happened at a home on North Spanish Camp Road and Bailey Street about an hour southwest of Houston in Wharton.

Police are looking for more information because people are afraid to come forward. They said there is a lot of fear and tension in this neighborhood.

The female resident said that since February her home has been targeted. She showed Local 2 at least three bullet holes where the front of her house had been penetrated. She lives in the home with her children, who were sleeping inside at the time.

In addition to her house being shot up in the apparent drive-by shooting, someone also torched her vehicle and killed her dogs that were in outdoor pens.

She said she has no idea why her family is being targeted.

"I have children that live here... I don't stay here anymore. I am only here now because I am packing," she said. "Very scared. I don't come here. I am sacred to be here at the residence. I will call the police to make sure they are patrolling. I don't come in here, period."

She said now that her children are out of school for the summer, she does not want them to stay at the house.