Alligator seen roaming in neighborhood

FORT BEND COUNTY, Texas – Neighbors in Fort Bend County are on gator watch after another alligator was spotted prowling around the area again.

Rachel Bayramli said her daughter saw the alligator in front of their home on the 3000 black of London Lane.

"There's a huge alligator outside on the porch right now," said Meva Bayramli. "He's tapping on the window with his nose!"

The 8-foot alligator was spotted hanging out on the front porch of the home on Monday.

"I didn't quite believe her," said Rachel. Sure enough, he was out here on the porch just sitting there."

Bayramli tried to contact the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, but no one answered since it was a holiday.

A neighbor and a sheriff's deputy managed put a rope around its mouth and drag it down London Lane and back to a nearby pond.

However, it doesn't ease Bayramli's mind because she said it's possible it could come back. Earlier this month, another gator was caught roaming around yards in Sienna Plantation.

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Game Warden for Ft. Bend County told Local 2 last year 32 gators were removed from Sienna Plantation because they were getting too close to people and property.

More gators are making their way into neighborhoods and more police officers are responding to calls from concerned and scared residents.
On Thursday the Sugar Land Police Department is sending some officers for special training on how to handle gators in the wild.  It will take place at Brazos Bend State Park.