Teacher arrested for missing jury duty

Arrest keeping her from teaching job

CONROE, Texas – A Montgomery County teacher has been arrested after failing to appear for jury selection.

Magnolia Junior High teacher Margaret Young fought back tears as she left a Montgomery County courtroom Wednesday afternoon.

Her attorney, Greg Gaines, told Local 2 she was arrested and jailed Tuesday for missing jury duty, even after calling the court beforehand, explaining she had a commitment with a home bound student she had been tutoring for the past year.

That student had asked Young to attend an event in Houston honoring cancer survivors.

"She explained this to the court, that she be couldn't there, that this was very important. This child was cancer free and they were celebrating her being cancer free," said Gaines.

Gaines said Young had already postponed jury duty after she got a summons for April 1. She was originally told to reappear on April 29 but then got an email telling her she wasn't needed until April 30. Following that email she called the court, explaining the conflict. 

Despite the explanation, Judge Kelly Case signed a writ of attachment, or warrant, and Young was arrested.  The writ is not yet in court records and Case has refused to offer any comment. 

"I have never heard of a judge doing this. It is absolutely beyond the pale he would abuse his power to lock up a citizen of this county who has done nothing wrong," said Gaines.

As trial began for the court case at the center of it all, courthouse chatter about the arrest spread.  Though a judge can certainly jail someone for skipping on jury duty, some told Local 2 it's rare.

Young was released from jail after another judge intervened. Gaines said Young is also off of the job because of her arrest, but he's hoping her record will be cleared and she can return to work soon.