Restaurant Report Card for Nov. 26: Mold at high school

HOUSTON – A repeat offender, a Houston high school and a popular Galleria-area restaurant are getting low marks in this week's Restaurant Report Card.

At Timmy Chan's at 9550 Bissonnet, inspectors asked employees to seal the gaps under exit doors, on ceilings and floors to eliminate the entrance of rodents and cockroaches. They also asked them to use a different pesticide because the roaches can develop immunity to one chemical used over a long term.

KPRC Local 2 stopped by the restaurant to talk with the manager about the issues, but an employee asked us to leave.

Inspectors tossed potentially hazardous crab, chicken and feta cheese that was held overnight at the wrong temperature at the Grand Lux Cafe at 5000 Westheimer.

The Fish Place on the Gulf Freeway near Almeda got a repeat violation. Inspectors said they found two pounds of shrimp and two quarts of milk that was too warm. In September, inspectors said they found two roaches and 25 pounds of food off temperature.

Inspectors said found moldy cucumbers and black build-up inside the ice machine at Milby High School.

There was slime and black mildew in the ice machine at Hunan Hut on North Braeswood and Chimney Rock, inspectors said.

At the 99 Cent Only store at 8330 Broadway, inspectors said they found dry fecal matter on the floor in the warehouse.

Our A's this week go to Popeye's at 9120 Main and Berripop in Meyerland Plaza. Both businesses had spotless inspections.

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