Teens accused of dealing drugs to students

Robert Tyson, Douglas Gaines II in Brazoria County Jail

HOUSTON – Police have arrested two teens accused of dealing drugs to Friendswood and Pearland High School students.

Robert Anthony Tyson, 18, and Douglas Nathan Gaines II, 17, have been charged with possession of marijuana.

On Tuesday, police carried out a search warrant at a home just across the Friendswood city limits in Brazoria County. The home had been under investigation for several weeks.

Friendswood police, along with Brazoria County sheriff's deputies, stopped the two men as they left the home.

Police then searched the house. They said they found 48 hits of LSD, 200 grams of hydroponic marijuana and several guns.

Susanna Price lives a few feet away from the house. She said she had no idea the suspected dope house was so close.

Investigators said the house is only a couple of miles away from Friendswood High school.

"I know the high school is close by, it happened right under your nose and you don't even know it," Price said.

Both men were taken to the Brazoria County Jail.

Another man, who also resides in the home, has been charged with possession of marijuana and possession of a controlled substance. Police expect an arrest warrant for that man to be filed sometime Wednesday.