Restaurant Report Card for May 24: Live insects

HOUSTON – Live insects and rats are two things that should definitely not be in a kitchen. But health inspectors found them. From fast-food to fancy to a day care for kids, we've got you covered in this week's Restaurant Report Card.

The owner of Myung Dong at 6415 Bissonnet told consumer investigator Amy Davis that she doesn't speak English. When Davis walked in, asking about the large, live rat inspectors said they spotted in the restaurant's store room, the owner excused herself to pick up a bowl of food she'd left sitting on the kitchen floor. Then she called her son to help translate by phone. He said an exterminator trapped the rodent shortly after the health inspector stopped by, and he blamed a neighboring restaurant for the uninvited guest.

At First Three Stepps day care at 1027 West 15 1/2 Street in the Heights, inspectors said they saw live insects in the taco seasoning and the Italian seasoning containers. An employee at the day care told Davis that she had recently purchased both seasonings from the grocery store and that she thinks the containers were already infested.

There was movement in the bin of white rice at Oriental Village at 13159 Northwest Freeway. It was a roach crawling around in what would become a side to someone's moo goo gai pan.

There were three live roaches in the kitchen of the Bombay Brasserie in Rice Village at 2414 University Drive.

One roach was hanging out in the dining area of the Church's Chicken at 10088 Long Point.  There were also ants on the counter of the drive through window, inspectors said.

They're trying for a slime rainbow at Akashi Sushi at 2271 Northpark Drive in Kingwood, where inspectors found black, pink and tan slime in the chute of the ice machine.

But you can grab a clean cup of a coffee at Dunn Bros at 3333 Weslayan or a scoop of ice cream from any of Good Time Ice Cream's trucks. Both businesses got great scores from the Houston Health Department, earning them A's in the week's Restaurant Report Card.