Man dies 2 days after being shocked by a Taser

DPS investigating

GALVESTON, Texas – A 34-year-old Galveston man died 48 hours after his family said he was roughed up by police.  

Raymond Allen Junior's father said his son was in bad shape when he saw him at the hospital on Monday.

"He was out of it," said Raymond Allen, Sr. "He couldn't respond, he didn't respond at all."

The family wants to know exactly what happened to their son. A married father of three, they said police shocked him with a Taser, and that's all they know.

"He was tasered from what I hear, two to three times and hog tied." said Allen Sr.

Witnesses told KPRC Local 2 that Allen Jr., had rented a room at a Galveston motel on 61st Street and was seen jumping from a second story balcony. A worker at the motel said she saw Allen Jr. jump twice and that's when the police showed up.

The crime listed on the incident report is resisting arrest.

The Galveston Police Department wouldn't comment on the case because it's an open investigation, but they did confirm that a Taser gun was used on Allen Jr. They wouldn't say how many times. Investigators also said that Allen Jr. stopped breathing at the scene, was revived, then rushed to the hospital.

Galveston police and sheriff's deputies responded to the scene. Because both agencies were involved the Texas Department of Public Safety is handling the investigation.

And investigator with DPS said Allen Jr's behavior was very "erratic" and said he didn't appear to be in a right state of mind.

Toxicology tests were done but the results have not come back from the lab yet.