Susan Wright case becomes TV movie

Susan Wright stabbed husband 193 times

HOUSTON – Susan Wright captured headlines around the globe in 2004 when the housewife and mom went on trial for murder.  She tied her husband to their bed and stabbed him 193 times.

The real life drama played out in the courtroom for the jury when former Harris County Prosecutor Kelly Siegler pulled the blood stained bed into the courtroom and reenacted the stabbing while straddling her co-council.

"Eight years ago this month, when I sat in the courtroom and saw that now famous bed scene, I think everyone in that courtroom thought this is a made-for-TV movie," KPRC Local 2 legal analyst Brian Wice said.

Wice represented Wright, pro-bono, during the appeals process.  He is a character in the Lifetime movie titled "Blue Eye Butcher."

"The initial title was 'Killing Mr. Wright,' which I thought was a better title," said Wice.

It took eight years to make the movie, which is based on trial transcripts and television reports.

"It is, as they say, based on a true story, which means they can come within an area code perhaps," said Wice.

Wice has read the entire script and he said not everything in the movie is accurate.

"There is one scene after the initial trial in the movie when I walk up to Kelly Siegler in the hallway of the courthouse and say, 'See you at the appeal, counselor,' with a big smirk on my face.  That did not happen," said Wice.

Wice is not pocketing a dime from the production for his role in the movie. 

"The Wright family sold them (producers) their rights.  Whatever money being raised from this project is going to Jeff and Susan's two children.  I think that is terrific," said Wice.

The Lifetime movie will premiere March 3. 

Susan Wright is currently in the Hobby Unit in Marlin, Texas, serving a 20-year prison term.  She will be eligible for parole in February 2014.

Her two children are being raised by Jeff Wright's brother.

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