Guilty Or Not, Here Comes Cheaterville

HOUSTON – Infidelity is one of the most hurtful breaches of trust. So what do you do with cheaters after they have been kicked to the curb? Send them to Cheaterville.

The owner of the website, James McGibney, told Local 2 he created the website after a fellow Marine came home from Iraq to find his wife had been sleeping with someone else.

"There?s a lot of people who cheat, and there?s a lot of people who are sick of being cheated on," McGibney said. "Cheaterville is a good spot for them to expose those cheaters and pay it forward to that next person. There's a lot of bad people in society, and this is one way of outing them."

In the spirit of other popular web businesses like Farmville and Cityville, McGibney picked the name, and the website took off. At Cheaterville people can post anonymously about the people who they say have cheated on them. The posters can remain anonymous but with names, pictures and details about their lives, the people accused are not so lucky.

Guilty or not, the name and story are not only on the website but easily searchable as Cheaterville pops up when the accused person?s name is searched on Google. McGibney told Local 2 it is not about revenge, but more about warning others. The owner claims the posts are not as bad as they could be.

"People try to put home addresses; try to put the mistresses' phone numbers on the website. They try to put credit card numbers and naked pictures up there quite a bit. We were almost talking about having an X-rated version of Cheaterville. It's amazing how many pictures we can't put on the website. We strip out anything that would put someone's safety at issue," McGibney said.

Every time the site makes the news in a different city, McGibney says the next day thousands of new posts come pouring in.