Breakfast lovers: Denny's offers $99 weddings on Valentine's Day

Vegas, you never disappoint

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Ahh, Valentine’s Day is just so romantic, isn’t it? All that romance almost makes you want to get married in a Denny’s. Wait, what?

Yeah, this is happening. Denny’s in Las Vegas (because of course) is offering Valentine’s Day weddings for $99 to breakfast enthusiasts everywhere.

What exactly comes with a Denny’s wedding package, you might ask?

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The restaurant throws in a ceremony certificate, a champagne toast and a silk presentation bouquet and boutonniere.

For an additional fee (and honestly, this seems totally worth it) you can get Pancake Puppies — they look like cake pops but they’re actually filled with mini pancakes.

Denny’s started the Valentine’s Day $99 special in 2013, and it’s been going ever since.

To reserve your romantic wedding spot on Valentine’s Day, call the store directly at 702-471-0056.

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