Before undergoing cosmetic eyelid surgery, Houston-area surgeon encourages patients to use drops that can help lift the eye without surgery

BELLAIRE, Texas – There is an eyedrop that promises to lift, widen and whiten your eyes like a cosmetic surgery but without needles.

The medical condition called ptosis is when the eyelid droops in front of the eye.

Houston oculofacial plastic surgeon, Dr. Mirwat Sami, regularly performs surgery to correct ptosis since it can impact vision and self-confidence. She was skeptical that an eyedrop could get the same results. However, she says the drops called Upneeq temporarily demonstrate what a surgery outcome might look like.

“It helps boost the eyelid up by activating one of the secondary elevating muscles of the eyelid called the Muller’s muscle,” Dr. Sami explained. “That’s all they need. If you have just mild ptosis, where it’s a little asymmetric compared to the other side, this can be very helpful.”

Upneeq is not covered by insurance. A 30-day supply at Dr. Sami’s office is $150, and a 90-day supply is $405.

Results are temporary, expect them to last 8-12 hours.

“Most people choose to put a drop-in, say, before an event, right? You’re getting ready, you’re putting on your make-up, you put your drop-in, by the time you’re done, your lids set at a good height and you’re ready to go for the night,” Dr. Sami said.


Dr. Sami says it’s important to get an exam with your eye doctor before taking these drops.

There are medical conditions that can cause droopy eyelids and Dr. Sami warns not to take these drops and mask symptoms of a condition that needs to be treated.