House passes amendment limiting Chromium-6 in drinking water

Chromium-6 amendment passes House
Chromium-6 amendment passes House

HOUSTON – For years, KPRC 2 Investigates has relentlessly reported on the safety of local drinking water and a toxic, cancer-causing chemical in our water supply.

After our reports aired, the city of Houston’s public works department agreed to continue testing Alief’s drinking water, where they have the highest levels of chromium-6 in our area.

City of Houston Chromium-6 Levels; Updated May 2021

Scientists say chromium-6 can cause cancer. However, Houston’s water is declared safe to drink.

One reason officials consider it safe is because there’s no federal standard just for chromium-6 in drinking water. There could be soon though.

Interactive Map: Search for Chromium-6 By Zip Code

This week, United States Congressman Al Green authored an amendment as part of the infrastructure bill. It requires the EPA to set a standard for chromium-6 in drinking water for the entire country.

“Out in Alief, we have some of the highest levels of chromium-6 in the country and these are my constituents. I have a duty and responsibility and obligation to serve them. So, this is a part of my service but also, I gave you my word that I was going to continue this fight and my word means something to me and it meant something to me that you came to me with this issue,” Congressman Green said.

The House passed the infrastructure bill and this amendment will now move to the senate.

Congressman Green said he is optimistic the Senate will pass that bill. Then, within two years, the EPA would be required to set the standard for chromium-6 for the entire nation.

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