COVID-19 vaccines to be administered inside Galveston Ball HS this week

Some adult students at Galveston ISD to get vaccine
Some adult students at Galveston ISD to get vaccine

GALVESTON, Texas – One of the latest shipments of COVID-19 vaccines will soon be administered inside Galveston’s Ball High School.

The non-profit Teen Health Center operates a clinic at the school and plans to start vaccinating school workers and certain students on Tuesday.

“The Teen Health Center is uniquely qualified to give these vaccines to the staff because we are right in the schools,” said executive director Angie Brown.

The center received 100 doses of the Moderna vaccine last week, but schools were closed for spring break. Another 100 doses are expected to arrive sometime this week.

The primary focus will be school employees, including teachers.

“Teachers don’t have to take time off of work to go to find a place to make an appointment,” said Brown. “They can just come right down on their off period or in between classes. It only takes a couple of minutes.”

Students ages 18 and older with an underlying health condition also qualify for the shot, Brown said.

The vaccinations will take place by appointment on Tuesday.