Mistakes parents make with their kids’ teeth

The Heights – Dr. Christopher Chance from Oaks Point Pediatric Dentistry said kids are staying home, eating more snacks and sweets that can lead to cavities.

He also thinks their dental hygiene is not as well cared for when parents have the mentality that these teeth will fall out soon anyway.

Here are the four most common mistakes he said parents are making with their kids' teeth:

Not caring for baby teeth

“It’s the foundation for the teeth that are going to come out next, it’s also the foundation for good overall health,” Dr. Christopher Chance said.

Need more water

Kids' saving grace, Dr. Chance said, is that children produce more saliva than adults which can wash away bacteria but he encourages kids to drink more water at (and between) mealtime .

“It just kind of brings it down to more of a neutral level so the acidity isn’t causing cavities as much,” he said.

Make first dentist appointment sooner than you think

Dr. Chance said your child’s first visit should be after their first tooth comes in, typically before 1-year-old.

Help them brush until they’re 8-years-old

“That may seem like a long time but I always tell my parents, I say, ‘how comfortable would you be if your child brushed your teeth?’ And most parents say ‘OK yeah I wouldn’t have them brush my teeth and feel comfortable with that,’ so they’re more than likely not brushing their own,” Dr. Chance said.