Blood donation needs are high immediately after a disaster like Hurricane Laura

HOUSTON – The Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center said it is preparing to help those hit hardest by Hurricane Laura if there’s a need.

Typically after natural disasters, blood donations are needed.

Here’s why

Our community alone needs close to 1,000 units of blood for patients in the hospital right now. Our centers give to local patients first before sharing with other areas in need.

When natural disasters hit, donations in the hard-hit areas get used up quickly and demand rises.

People directly in the hard-hit areas aren’t always in a position to make donations so they look to their neighbors for help.

Blood supply is down due to the pandemic

“We get about 2/3 of our donations from schools [blood drives] and we shut down pretty much the city in March and we really took a hit on blood donations,” said Cameron Palmer with the Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center.

On Wednesday, the blood center had to cancel several blood drives and estimates it lost 600 donations.


Summer months can already be a tough time to get donations while people are out of town and out of typical routines.

To find out more on how to donate, go to giveblood.org

Don’t forget!

Right now all blood donations are screened for antibodies to determine if a donor has recovered from the coronavirus. If they have, they’ll be asked to donate plasma which is being used to help sick patients in the hospital fight the virus.