Keeping cool in masks during summer heat

HOUSTON – Some masks, or the way you wear them, can trap heat and cause more humidity which also damages your skin.

The proper mask fit is snug but not tight. Rubbing can irritate the skin and provoke you to touch your face more.

One of the best ways to protect your skin is to use moisturizer daily. Experts recommend adding a moisturizer to your face about 30 minutes before you put your mask on, to help add protection to the skin

And to keep you cool with healthy skin, the material matters.

Look for softer fabrics or something a little absorbent so the sweat is not sitting against your skin, and has several layers.

Think cotton blends and fabric with moisture-wicking material (like workout clothing). While it’s mostly only recommended to wear masks indoors, if you do wear one outside because you plan to be around a lot of people, infectious disease doctor, Linda Yancey, MD, from Memorial Hermann in Katy said paper masks might be most comfortable.

“If you are wearing a cloth mask, take two or three and swap them out as they become damp. They’re going to be more effective with a dry mask and the lovely thing about cloth masks is you can launder them. So, wash your mask every night and you have nice fresh masks in the morning,” Yancey said.

This recommendation is not for medical professionals, and only for those who are wearing it out and about for protection in the community.