Astronaut Chris Cassidy encourages social distancing, staying positive through social media challenge

#DoTheShelter challenge goes viral

HOUSTON – NASA astronaut Chris Cassidy is an American hero, currently at the International Space Station to Command Expedition 63. Cassidy, though, has been helping to spread the message of the importance of sheltering in place and keeping a positive attitude.

Cassidy left Earth to go to the International Space Station with Expedition 63 crewmembers Ivan Vagner of Roscosmos and Anatoly Ivanishin. The Soyuz docked safely at the ISS Thursday despite the pandemic sweeping throughout the world. Cassidy is leading America’s research in space even during this pandemic. But before he left, Cassidy shared a post on Instagram participating in the #DoTheShelter challenge.

Sharing the fun and viral video challenge made by Michael Magnuson, a California dad, Cassidy joined in on the challenge and explained how astronauts stay in quarantine before a big mission.

"We've actually been in strict quarantine for about a month now," Cassidy said in his Instagram video posted last week before the launch.

In the video, Cassidy shows us what astronauts do to stay safe.

“What do astronauts do when we’re in quarantine? Well, we do largely what the rest of the world is doing...mission preparation which is analogous to work, exercising, playing games, of course, great conversation,” Cassidy explained.

Cassidy wanted to share the importance of keeping positive and staying home.