Will air purifiers filter coronavirus?

HOUSTONThis HVAC advertisement is one that the Federal Communications Commission said you should not be buying into.

The FCC says scams like these, which asks for a payment to clean the air in your home of coronavirus, are not true.

According to Ronald Walters, MD, President of Harris County Medical Society, there’s no data to suggest that coronavirus travels through your air ducts.

In fact, the transmission of coronavirus is less likely through the air and thought to be entirely through droplet transmission (like from a cough or sneeze. According to the World Health Organization, that can reach up to six feet.

A purifier can filter pollen and allergens that cause allergic symptoms, such as coughing, sneezing, and itching but it isn’t necessary to clean the air from illness.

Walters said it is important for sick people to get fresh air by opening windows or sitting in an enclosed yard. It can be beneficial to mental health during this time.