How and when to shop to get supplies in case of self-quarantine

HOUSTON – Retailers are struggling to keep up with the run on supplies people are buying amid the coronavirus crisis. HEB's Scott McClelland shared some advice to help you get your 14-day supply together in case of a quarantine.

  1. Shop early in the morning. Supermarkets get new inventory overnight to restock. Arriving first thing in the morning will mean employees have just replenished supplies.
  2. If you can’t find something in a store, consider ordering it online to pick it up curbside. Store employees told us they are trying to reserve some inventory for curbside customers.
  3. Forget about your favorite brands. Bleach is bleach. McClelland said retailers are turning to new suppliers to make sure they can keep stores stocked, but these may not be your familiar, favorite brands.

Don’t panic. Families need to be prepared, but McClelland said you may not be able to find everything you need for 14 days in one shopping trip. You may have to gather supplies in two or three trips.