Am I doing this right? When to clean your makeup

Even if you wash your makeup brushes regularly, you might not be in the clear.

Here are the sneaky ways bacteria get into your beauty products.

Your lipstick is like a toothbrush

All-day long you talk, drink, and eat while bacteria is in your mouth and women continue to layer on lipstick through it all.

Therefore, experts say bacteria are covering the surface of the stick.

Jars and bags are as clean as your fingers

When you stick your fingers inside jars of lotion, exfoliators, masks, and creams, you’re reintroducing new bacteria into the products every day. Plus, chances are the inside of your makeup bag is keeping all the germs alive and thriving.

“You can spread bacteria from your hands, you can spread bacteria from your makeup, which is why we always advocate, 'Do not share your makeup with anyone.’ You’re basically sharing a toothbrush or a fork,” Dermatologist Sherry Ingraham said.

What can I clean?

Studies show you can clean your makeup (yes, even powders) to remove germs.

Products like Cinema Secrets offer an antibacterial spray to clean makeup and it’s quick-drying, so you can use it every day.

Go DIY and make your own spray bottle with alcohol.

Spray powders, tools, makeup bags, liners, and lipstick. Rub off the top layer of the lipstick, just like they do at the makeup counter in department stores.

Makeup removing wipes can also help to clean and remove makeup stains.

How do I clean everything?

For lash curlers or pencil sharpeners, use alcohol on a q-tip to get inside hard-to-reach areas.

When cleaning brushes and sponges, submerge in warm water and soap until the water runs clean.

Repeat your cleaning routine every week.

Keep in mind, all makeup has an expiration date.

“Eye products, three months to six months max and if it smells at all, toss it out. That’s the sign that bacteria is growing. Same thing with liquid foundations, three to six months. Now, powders, eye shadows can go on for a year or more. But again, if it starts to look contaminated, if it smells at all, if it’s been open, sitting open on a counter for a while, go ahead and toss it out,” Ingraham said.