Is a ‘mommy makeover’ right for you?

HOUSTON – A so-called “mommy makeover” is when women undergo multiple cosmetic procedures at once. Typically, this involves implants, a tummy tuck and/or liposuction.

Dr. Camille Cash, a board-certified plastic surgeon in Houston, said she has multiple patients every week who want a “mommy makeover.”

“A mommy makeover is a procedure that addresses both the tummy and the breasts at the same time, in one sitting, and sometimes you can add some liposuction or some other procedures with it, but typically, we’re doing more than one procedure, more than one body part for a woman to restore her figure after pregnancy and childbirth,” Cash said.

She said a lot of women are intrigued by the idea of going under the knife for a one time transformation and the results are dramatic.

The more body parts that are worked on and the longer you’re under anesthesia can increase the recovery time and the number of risks you’re taking.

"The plastic surgery studies have shown that we can do multiple procedures in one setting safely as long as patients are healthy,” Cash said.

Am I a good candidate for this surgery?

Cash said those who should not consider this elective surgery are: