How to get rid of 'tech neck' — creases in your neck that aren't caused by age

Do you have necklines? Not just necklines from aging.

Younger and younger people are getting those creases across their necks. What exactly causes them and what's the best way to treat them?

Doctors are seeing more and more young people trying to get rid of necklines.

They say young people are getting lines earlier because of what's called "tech neck." They are looking down at their devices all the time.

But don't worry there are treatments and prevention for those unwanted neck lines.

"If you don't crease a piece of paper, it won't have a crease in it, so same thing with your neck," said Dr. Forrest Roth.

The Houston plastic surgeon says necklines are multifaceted.

Sometimes they are genetic, sometimes they are from weight gain.

And some people can get necklines from "tech neck" looking down for long periods of time.

"The younger people using their computers and their tablets and using iPhones, of course, can also get necklines from constantly being in the flex position. So I always tell people they should keep their shoulders back keep their chin up and if you're not creasing your neck skin you're not likely to get neck creases," Roth said.

But if you don't want to work on your posture, Dr. Roth says you can try to prevent them by using retinol and sunscreen in your daily routines.

But once those creases are formed, you will need something more aggressive, like microneedling.

"It has small needles that penetrate the skin sometimes into the skin and sometimes through the skin," Roth said. 

People getting microneedled will need to use a numbing cream on their face to ensure there isn't any pain during the procedure.

Once it's over the body builds collagen as it repairs the tiny holes, giving people smoother, brighter skin.

There is also a more aggressive treatment called radio frequency, or RF.

"We can deliver a pulse of energy once we are through the skin and truly stimulate that collagen and aid your body to heal itself. Botox is best for vertical bands caused by the muscles in the neck. Those transverse lines or creases are better performed with radio frequencies or these other treatments," Roth said.

Microneedling costs $375 and is recommended at least four times a year. The procedure takes about half an hour. 

The other more aggressive treatment called Morpheus uses radio rrequency and costs about $2,000 for three treatments. 

For more information, you can visit Dr. Forrest Roth's website. 

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