Red eye solution? Drops that make your eyes whiter, longer

HOUSTON – People suffering from red, blood-shot eyes know squeezing over-the-counter drops in can be a vicious cycle: squeeze drops, get relief, red eyes return, repeat.

A new solution promises to make your eyes whiter faster and stay white longer.

Brunetta Anthony said her eyes would get so red, friends and family would show concern.

“All the time, they wondered if I was not getting enough sleep or if I was stressed out and most of the time, those were not the case,” Anthony said.

Dr. Rahul Pandit from Houston Methodist said there are a number of eye diseases that can cause red eyes but sometimes people are just unlucky and their eyes are red for no reason. If you're one of them, he said the new over-the-counter drop, Lumify, should bring relief.

“We've never had a good way to get rid of redness so we treat allergies, we treat dryness, we treat a lot of surface conditions,” Pandit said. “This one focuses on the veins instead of arteries.”

He said that means this product works better. Other over-the-counter drops will work temporarily and then the redness could come back even worse. The doctor said Lumify doesn't cause that same redness rebound as other drops.

On Anthony’s eyes, the drops worked in less than one minute. She now uses the product once a day.

“I didn't tell anyone I was trying the drops, but they did notice immediately. They wanted to know what did I do to get my eyes clear,” she said.

Pandit insists patients should have an eye exam to determine they have healthy eyes before using these drops since many eye diseases show up with redness as a symptom.

Prices for the drops ranged from $11.99 at Target and Amazon, $14 at Walgreens and $20 at Walmart.