Takeout Shoutout: Burger Palace uses high-quality ingredients to make scrumptious burgers

HOUSTON – Located in the Galleria area, the Burger Palace is a real Mom and Pop restaurant, run by a Mei Tamminen and her husband.

This is a burger joint that specializes in the highest quality burgers, made with Akaushi Wagu beef, that will melt in your mouth.

You can expect great combinations of beef and interesting cheeses, including their French-style burger which is made with soft, melted, brie.

Two other standouts are the onion rings and French fries, which are light and crispy and not too fat and doughy.

What we love about the Burger Palace is the amount of love that seems to be cooked into each burger.

These are big, thick and juicy burgers served with huge, flavorful buns.

Location: 2800 Sage Road

Phone number: 713-877-9700