Texas drive-thru booze: What to know and where to get it

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HOUSTON – It is very easy to crave an icy and sweet alcoholic beverage while sweating in the car due to hundred-degree July and August temperatures. 

Surprisingly, daiquiris and margaritas are available at a handful of local drive-thrus in the Houston area. Here is what to know about Texas 'liquor laws,' and where you can get yourself a fresh margarita or daiquiri without stepping out of your car. 

According to the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission: “If you obtain a wine and beer retailer's permit, you will be able to sell margaritas or daiquiris that are made with wine or beer, and you can sell them for consumption on or off the premises. This is the only legal way anyone can sell margaritas or daiquiris for take-out or 'to go.' The drinks cannot be made with tequila or rum or any distilled spirit. The drinks do not have to be in sealed containers to be taken out of the establishment. However, the container does need to be sealed if the customer takes it into their car. A person cannot possess an open container in a passenger area of a motor vehicle that is located on a public highway, regardless of whether the vehicle is being operated or is stopped or parked.”

The TABC has strict rules and regulations pertaining to drive-thru alcohol establishments that are different than general convenience or grocery stores.

"We seal the drinks. We also provide wrapped straws," Roy Bronson, owner of New Orleans D&W Daiquiris To Go said. "We make sure that customers understand that it is illegal to drink in the car.”

While drive-thru liquor spots are a newer phenomenon in Texas, Bronson opened up his first store six years ago. He has now expanded to four locations in the Houston area, two of which have drive-thrus.

All of the locations we provide have drive-thrus. They also all have indoor spaces where guests can order and enjoy a drink inside.

Here are some Houston area spots where you can enjoy a daiquiri or margarita to-go:
New Orleans D&W Daiquiris To Go
Candy Shack Daiquiris 
Jo’z Margaritas and More 
Daiquiritas Express
Daiquiri Shack
Frio To Go  

These spots will provide a refreshing alcoholic drink that will help you cool down and relax on a hot summer day. Remember to drink responsibly.