Houston Chef of the Month for March: David Guerrero

David Guerrero
David Guerrero


Chef/Owner David Guerrero’s restaurant Andes Café is a casual dining concept that gathered roots from South American home cooking inspiring tasters with more than a sense of nourishment, but a sense of culture.

Andes Café is a small business dedicated to provide exposure to the culinary beauties of South America. The name “Andes Café” is special in that it is named after a natural wonder that unites Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina and Chile. 

In this same way, Andes Café hopes to provide the same sense of unity between these distinct cultures and the dynamic culture of Houston.

Andes Cafe provides more than a dining experience, but a welcoming atmosphere that provides all of our guests with a culinary adventure. Whether it be our organic coffee, authentic South American street foods or unique flavor combinations, we hope that our guests leave feeling inspired and with a unique learning experience.

Our Team:
Andes Café is distinctive in that all of our culinary team are South American natives. We believe that this allows our food to be as authentic as possible, and a true representation of the street foods and home cooked meals popular in South America. All of our staff is dedicated to your excellent dining experience. More than that, we aspire to immerse you in the experience of walking through the streets tasting the unique flavors of Quito, Lima and Medellin but more importantly experiencing their colorful histories with our award winning dishes.

Chef David Guerrero is a native of Quito Ecuador, but has called Houston his home for the past several years. Well known in the Houston community, Chef David invites you to come and share in the experience of dishes that remind him of home. Buen Provecho!!!


Click here to see Andes Cafe's recipe of Choclo Asado con Queso.