Neighborhoods with the best trick-or-treat candy in the Houston area: This is where KPRC 2 viewers recommended🎃🍭🍫🍬

Here's what to do with that leftover Halloween candy! (pixabay, Pixabay 2022)

HOUSTON – These neighborhoods made the list of best-of-candy spots around the Houston area, as named by KPRC 2 viewers.

While many folks declined to dish on their must-visit locations, take a look at the responses that could lead you to some of the best trick-or-treating around town.

Gabyy Hernandez: “Oakforest & Towne lake Cypress. Always have candy bags full by the end of the night.”

yvonne.claireee: “River Oaks.”

meditatingpanda88: “Certain neighborhoods in Sugar Land use to be the place back in the day. We even knew kids who got a dollar when candy ran out, lol.”

tiffylynnette: “The Heights.”

jessica88hou “We will be giving out full size candy bars in Liberty Lakes and bags of freshly made popcorn! We are known as the “Popcorn Ladies House” 🎃👻 Just follow the smell of fresh popcorn! 😁”

Tina Johnston: “Pecan Grove.”

Connie Hodgins-Depalma: “I have full size candy bars and fun sized and only usually have four to six kids show up in my Katy neighborhood and with the COLD weather probably won’t even have that many! My husband won’t complain as he eats the candy bars!”

Angela M. Graves: “Sagevalley near Beamer!!! We are giving out other goodies other than candy!!”

Skado Hdz: “The West University area usually hands out full-size candy bars and other yummy goodies for the kiddos.”

Tommy Johnson: “Bellaire, Sugar Land, Richmond and Roseburg, Texas.”

Becky Moore: “I am in Tomball. We give out full size candy bars and have a prize wheel so all kids can win a prize! We love Halloween!!”

Craig Jenkins: “Kings Point, Kingwood.”

Did they miss any of your favorite neighborhoods? Be sure to share your favorites in the comments below.