Oh, deer! This might be the cutest police chase ever

A real life Bambi was on the loose!

When you think about a dramatic police chase, the image of OJ Simpson driving his Ford Bronco on the LA highways always comes to mind.

They often involve multiple police cars, criminals and a helicopter from up above capturing the chase. You don’t, however, see an adorable baby deer trying to escape a police officer.

Earlier this month, a baby fawn was trapped in the median of a state highway in Ohio, according to the Ohio State Highway Patrol.

Troopers said the shy (yet very scared) deer made its way through stopped traffic and into the median. Police eventually shut down the eastbound and westbound lanes of traffic in order to catch the little fawn, who has a striking resemblance to another famous deer, Bambi.

“Everyone had to buck up, and after a team effort, this elusive fawn was safely directed into a nearby woodline,” the department said on Facebook.

The two-minute long video (that you can watch above) is actually really funny and cute. The baby fawn wanted absolutely nothing to do with the officers, and it even tried hiding under construction equipment. You even see the fawn darting through stopped cars. Imagine if you were sitting in one of those cars, and a baby deer ran past you?!

Authorities eventually chased the deer far enough down the highway so it could escape into a wooded area. We just hope this little fawn found their parents as soon as possible! You can watch the adorable video above.

Credit: Ohio State Highway Patrol via Storyful

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