Storm destruction, the calm after and looking ahead: See the best of our latest Click2Pins submissions submissions ( submissions, Click2Pins)

HOUSTON – The weather made for a wild day earlier this week in the Houston area.

We’d like to thank everyone who shared photos on from their own backyards as the devastating weather whipped through Pasadena, Deer Park and so many other neighborhoods across the viewing area.

Here are some of the standout videos and images we received throughout the week.

In case you’re wondering, is where we find the photos that are making your life what it is in our area. We love seeing your submissions of weather, animals, news around where you are and touching moments that bring us closer to what matters to you. Here are some of this week’s best submissions. We’ve put a 📸 icon on top of our favorite for the week:


Pasture after Tuesdays storms


Nice sunset this evening.

Mr. Mike

Beautiful Son rise on a cold and crisp day. Montgomery Tx.


Sunrise off of a Carnival cruise ship balcony

Dawn M

I couldn’t resist sharing this photo of this morning’s gorgeous sunrise!

Saint Hedwig

Was a beautiful day for a bike ride.


Flooded street causing waves


Center street, Deer park

Deer Park
SkyWatcher (Oscar)

It's a Roy G Biv sunset.

San Antonio

WilsonHill Colorado County after rain


Heavy rains


Bliss Meadows Neighborhood in Pasadena.

Gary H

Avery Apartments. Deer Park

Gary H

Luella St. Deer Park

Matt B

Hi. Video taken of high rise crane just next to the zoo today. The video was just before the heavy rain hit the med center!



The evening sun reflects off the grass top through the puddle of water left behind from the days weather yield. This is the After The Storm Still.

League City
Thriving Botanicals

I-10 Eastbound


At sunset yesterday after rain: the north wind doth blow the Texas flag which was adopted on this day in 1849.

Betty Boop

Hunt Lane at 151

San Antonio
Jean Maxton

Damaged house in Pasadena off of Brltway 8

Jean Maxton

Damaged house in Pasadena just off of Beltway 8


Yesterdays wind and rain brought misery and pain. The remains are to reflect on the strength you'll regain.

League City

Keep ‘em coming, y’all! We could feature your videos or photos in our next roundup story!

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