8 tips to winterize your home

Lily Jang tackles that topic and more in this episode of ‘House 2 Home with Lily Jang’

Cooler weather is coming, and that means it’s time to prepare your home for winter - both inside and out.

That’s just one of topics featured in this week’s episode of “House 2 Home with Lily Jang.”

In this program each week, Lily Jang of Lily Jang Real Estate takes you inside some of the hottest listings in Houston real estate right now and connects with experts on a variety of topics important to homeowners.

Here’s what else you’ll see in this episode:

  • How to declutter even your messiest rooms
  • Inside one of the featured properties on this year’s AIA Houston Homes Tour
  • Title policy - what is it, and who pays for it?

Check out this week’s episode in the video player above.

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