‘Que hamburgesa!’: Whataburger releases new Hispanic Heritage collection, including popular guayabera

'Que Hamburgesa' shirt at the Whatastore (Whataburger)

Whataburger is dear in the heart of some Texans because, like many, the franchise has its roots here.

Beyond their breakfasts and burgers, Whataburger has a Whatastore that moves past the munchies on their menu and offers its shoppers a chance to bring Whataburger a little closer to home – or in some instances, to their closets.

For all the fast-food fashionistas out there, Whataburger has released their Flying W Guayabera. Also known as the “Mexican wedding shirt,” the guayabera is a traditional piece of menswear in the Latin community.

On the website, Whataburger describes their rendition of this timeless classic as “laid-back and stylish all at once.  This shirt is born from the streets of Fiesta but would have no problem matching your favorite pair of boots at your next concert.”

The guayabera was released as a part of their Hispanic Heritage Month collection and, lucky for the real whata-fans, they don’t just stop at your closet. The collection also features Loteria playing cards, a Fiesta Medal, a Zilker belt, and more.

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