Have you been saved by the kindness of others? Tell us your stories of neighbors helping neighbors

Stock graphic of neighbors (Canva, Canva)

HOUSTON – Have you ever wept at the kindness of strangers?

I have.

It’s strange to think back on February 2021 when the mercury regularly reads 100 degrees, but I can literally shiver with fear at the thought that my young sons wouldn’t have milk because I stupidly forgot to pick more up and the grocery store was closed as power blinked out all around town.

My husband mentioned the situation to our next-door neighbors, and we had a gallon within the hour. They had a baby and knew what we would go through without milk. They gave without reservation.

This isn’t new. This isn’t out-of-the-ordinary for Houston. It’s what they did and it’s what we all do when we can.

Let me repeat: It’s just what we do here in Houston.

As part of the community and comprised of your neighbors, KPRC 2 wants to celebrate more people in our community who have helped their neighbors and made life better through their kindness.

Was it a ride to work? Money to buy shoes for your kids’ back-to-school wardrobe? Gardening after a tree fell? Help cleaning house after a loved one died? Reading over a resume to get a new start?

We all know we’ve gone through tough times in recent memory and we’ve weathered them the best way we know how. There’s a magic, though, when people step out and give out of their hearts.

Have you seen someone be saved by the kindness of others? Have you been saved by someone’s giving nature crowding into your world when you needed it most? Let us know in the form below. We want to hear your stories and celebrate these triumphs of humans helping humans. We could put your stories on-air and online as we move to tell more of the good stuff of your lives. It could just save us, too.