Houston hobbits beware: The Morgoth Burger is here

Morgoth Burger (Amanda Cochran, Hobbit Cafe)

HOUSTON – Meet the massive Morgoth Burger from Houston’s own Hobbit Café.

The burger -- named after a Dark Lord in J.R.R. Tolkien’s legendary literary world -- is four patties, four slices of thick bacon, four slices of cheese and a smoked jalapeño boudin link that’s skewered with a jalapeño popper, fried pickles and a cheese shrimp roll.

The Morgoth Burger (Hobbit Cafe)
The Morgoth Burger (Hobbit Cafe)

The big burger has been on the menu for around a month and at least two folks – an 18-year-old and a body builder – have eaten the whole thing on their own, manager John Edmonds told KPRC 2.

“Put the women and children to sleep,” the social media post reads.

If you finish the burger, you get a free Hobbit Cafe tee-shirt.

The Hobbit Cafe isn’t a stranger to big burgers. It also has a Balrog Burger -- named after another Tolkien demonic monster -- that rivals the Morgoth Burger in size.

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