Catch a nonstop flight from Houston to Destin, Florida, with this jetliner

HOUSTON – JSX, an airline company out of Hobby Airport, wants to help you summer travels by offering several opportunities to go to Destin, Florida, from now until Aug. 31.

The airline is offering these nonstop seasonal flights for prices that are anywhere between $230 and $430 (each way and depending on which day you go). The flights are currently fully booked until the middle of June.

That being said, once you are booked for a flight, the company claims that the check-in to takeoff process only takes 20 minutes. According to the website, all one has to do is “drive up, valet your car, and stroll through our check-in process.”

While waiting for your flight, the airline touts the fact that they have private lounges and free Wi-Fi for all guests, during this time, you might want to consider downloading the app so that you can “simply scan your boarding pass and step on board.”

According to the companies’ website, once you are on the flight, you are greeted with several amenities such as comfortable leather seats, business class legroom, power outlets at every row, full flight attendant service, complimentary gourmet snacks, beer, wine and spirits, and no overhead storage bins for a more spacious cabin.

Once off the flight, the company claims that you will have your two-free checked bags in hand in minutes of landing.

Would you consider taking this airline over the summer? Let us know in the comments.

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