11 Christmas decor must-haves for the house that will make your guests swoon

Christmas lights. (Photo by Tim Mossholder from Pexels.)

Maybe it’s your first year decorating for Christmas, or you’re looking to up your game this season, or perhaps you’ve been so busy that you’re just now getting around to it.

By this time, the stores are bustling with people doing all the shopping, so them can be a bit overwhelming to peruse.

Perhaps you want to avoid the chaos. You’ve come to the right place.

Below, there’s something to scratch any itch, and it will cover everything you could possibly need.

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1. Christmas trees

First thing’s first: Christmas doesn’t feel like Christmas without a tree. Skinny, wide, tall, short -- there’s any kind of tree to fit your lifestyle or space.

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2. Assorted ornaments

Up next: decorations for the tree. If you’re not sure where to start, or if you want to try a new look, snag a new set of ornaments -- there are several different colors. As an extra perk, these are shatter-proof, so safe for kids and pets, according to the company.

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3. Holiday throw pillows

We just LOVE these Christmas throw pillows. What a great way to add just an extra touch of holiday spirit to the decor of your home.

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4. Projector snowflake lights

I can tell you from experience, if you’re not the light-hanging type, this is a game changer. Plug it in, stick it in the ground, point it where you want it to “snow” and you are all set.

The lights are LED, have a large coverage and create the illusion of virtual snowflakes. ❄️

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5. Stringed Christmas tree lights

This reminds me of a canopy or waterfall of lights. It’s so pretty! You can use them inside, but they look absolutely gorgeous outside. And it has a star atop the “tree,” too.

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6. Kids felt Christmas tree

How fun this is for kids! It’s 3 feet tall, can be hung on the wall and has 26 detachable ornaments that include Santa Claus, snowmen, a snowflake, Christmas socks, a Christmas hat, candies, bells and more.

It’s a great way for kids to use their fine motor skills while having a Christmas decoration that’s truly at their level.

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7. Customizable photo ornament

Just imagine the possibilities here. You can create any ornament with special memories -- whether it’s for your personal tree or for the grandmas, cousins or friends in your life. Such a thoughtful gift!

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8. Lighted reindeer and sleigh

This is SO PRETTY! This reindeer pulling Santa’s sleigh is made up of 205 LED lights and is designed with festive details like bows and beautiful Christmas colors to shimmer and shine in your yard.

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9. Lighted gift boxes

Why stop at putting lights on the tree? Put some beneath, too. These lighted gift boxes are just the touch your tree skirt could use. No matter when the rest of your presents wind up under the tree -- building up ahead of Christmas or all on Christmas morning -- these give a little more magic to the overall scene.

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10. String lights

Take one look at these and tell me you don’t immediately think “how incredibly magical.” These curtain string lights can be used inside or out, and they’ll surely bring cheer to anyone who sees them.

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11. Candy cane lights

It just so happens my mom has these and they are such a fun addition to the outdoor decor. There are 12 candy canes with sparkles stars and eight different LED lighting modes. Also, look at them — they’re just so cute!

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