3 reasons why nonprofits should participate in Giving Tuesday

It’s about way more than just money

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Giving Tuesday is obviously a great opportunity for nonprofit organizations to reap some financial windfalls, but believe it or not, some nonprofits can still be hesitant to participate.

Beyond the opportunity to add some money to their accounts, Giving Tuesday has other benefits for nonprofit organizations that last well beyond that particular day.

Here are three reasons beside just receiving donations on that day, why nonprofit organizations shouldn’t think twice about participating in Giving Tuesday, according to Nonprofit Expert.

1. It’s a marketing opportunity.

With more people wanting to donate on Giving Tuesday, participating will get the name of an organization out there in communities. This leads to added awareness of a cause and likely more donations year-round.

Any nonprofit can see its organizational profile raised on social media sites and develop trust within communities.

2. People are in more of a mood to give, so give them that chance.

With Thanksgiving just taking place and the holidays in December right around the corner, people are more in the mood to give than at any point in the year. Many feel good about themselves when they do give, so giving them another option is a great decision by any nonprofit.

3. It’s an opportunity to collect donor data.

Collecting data on donors is essential to the lifeblood of any nonprofit organization, because it’s often easier to receive money from former donors than it is people giving for the first time to that organization.

By participating in Giving Tuesday and collecting data, the first-time donors then become prior donors that are familiar with the organization and more likely to give in the future.

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