Love is real, and these pictures (submitted by you!) prove it

Submitted by Team Campbell: "I feel lucky that I have you as my life partner. Thanks for being the most amazing wife in the world." (Image submission.)

From time to time, we ask you, our viewers and readers, to submit pictures.

Sometimes, our request is for something serious, sometimes it’s for something funny. And sometimes we just really want to hear your opinion about something going on in the world.

Recently, on Wife Appreciation Day, we thought it’d be fun to let you show us your sweet side, and boy, did you ever.

Within our team here, there has been a collective “aww” as we saw these pics come in, so we thought, this love is SO worth sharing!

For the record, the photo submission period is still open, so if you feel so inclined, you can absolutely share with us a picture of you and your wife, along with a meaningful message.

Scroll down to see some of the sweet pictures and messages our viewers and readers were kind enough to share with us.

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