‘Lots of 101 Dalmatian jokes’: Texas dog gives birth to near-record 16 puppies

Luna, the Dalmation pup gave birth to 16 puppies via emergency C-section at a veterinary hospital in Fredericksburg, Texas (Fredericksburg Veterinary Center/Facebook)

FREDRICKSBURG, Texas – A Texas Dalmatian pup gave birth to 16 puppies at a veterinary hospital last week, KSAT reported.

Veterinarian Brittni Turner, of Fredericksburg, told KSAT she helped deliver the puppies via emergency C-section.

The owners of the dog named Luna told Turner they had to bring her to the veterinarian because her labor had stopped progressing at home. An X-ray revealed that a puppy was incorrectly positioned and was unable to come out on its own, according to KSAT.

Since then, veterinarians, including Turner were able to safely deliver the breeched puppy and 11 more puppies without difficulty, Fredericksburg Veterinary Hospital wrote on Facebook. She had to call in her receptionist staff and technicians to help revive and clean each puppy.

“The staff kept saying. ‘surely there can’t be anymore and then I would pull out two more. It was absolute chaos,” Turner told KSAT. “The staff was amazing, and it was truly a team effort...lots of ’101 Dalmatian’ jokes were made.”

Turner told KSAT Luna and her sixteen puppies are doing very well. Each puppy will go to their forever homes once they are old enough to leave their mother.

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