Thinking about a trip to the Grand Canyon? These new ‘pyramids’ just might change the game

Stock image of the Grand Canyon. Photo by Josh Brasted (Getty Images)

For any traveler, sleeping under the stars near the Grand Canyon seems like an experience that would be like no other.

Well, how about doing so in a climate-controlled glass pyramid? And with a hot tub nearby?

It’s an opportunity people will likely have, starting in the fall.

It’s all part of the “Nomad’s Pad,” which aims to offer incredible serenity in the desert for travelers.

This Nomad’s Pad experience will sit about 30 minutes from the south rim of the Grand Canyon -- 1 1/2 hours northwest of Flagstaff, three hours from Phoenix and roughly two hours from Las Vegas.

Look at how cool it is:

It is slated to feature the following:

  • A king or queen bed in a triangular-shaped glass shelter that is climate-controlled and has auto frosting.
  • A lighted cement walkway.
  • A private bathroom.
  • A private outdoor lounge with seating.
  • A private hot tub.
  • Patio umbrellas.
  • Yoga and wellness amenities.
  • Complimentary tea and coffee.

A website with pictures and more information on VIP pricing once the launch is started can be viewed by clicking or tapping here.

On Tuesday night, there will be a free Facebook event, which will give people the chance to access deals and possibly be among the first people who will get to experience the pad, once it opens.

To find out more information on the Facebook event, click or tap here.

Is this something that would interest you to try? Let us know in the comments below.

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