‘Crocs stilettos’: 2 luxury fashion brands team up to make look everyone has feelings about

Croc stiletto featured by Balenciaga (Balenciaga)

The newest line of Crocs is poised to change the game in post-pandemic fashion.

In collaboration with French fashion brand Balenciaga, “Croc Stilettos” were unveiled at a fashion show last Sunday, along with knee-high rainboots, according to Complex. The new kicks come in various colors and continue to remain as the “world’s most comfortable shoes.”

These new stilettos are designed similar to the Croc shoes we know and love but with a high-heel twist, according to photos.

Both fashion brands have collaborated in the past with their unveiling of platform Crocs that were sold for $850 a pair, Complex reported.

Fans of the shoes, including the new “Croc Stilettos” won’t see them until they hit stores in 2022.

Social media users are buzzing over the new shoes, see how they first reacted:

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