5 of Houston’s oldest bakeries, dessert destinations

Moeller’s Bakery
Moeller’s Bakery (Moeller’s Bakery)

In Houston’s food scene, high value is often placed on innovation, novelty and aesthetics -on the most Insta-worthy menu items, the most unique dining experience or the latest foodie fad. It is no wonder, then, that so many of the city’s oldest bakeries and dessert shops have disappeared.

Fortunately, not all of the area’s old bakeries and dessert shops are a thing of the past. Several Houston-area stalwarts have managed to keep their doors open for over half a century.

Clearly, these long-standing locales get it right -- from simply scrumptious fresh-baked bread to decadent bavarian banana pie, there’s something delicious at each of these iconic Houston institutions.

Listed chronologically by opening date, here’s a look at the Houston-area bakeries and dessert destination still churning out delectable pastries and pies after decades in business.

Moeller’s Bakery (1930)

Brothers Gus and Raymond Moeller started the small bakery on Almeda Road back in 1930.

Houston’s oldest family-owned bakery has changed locations twice over the course of 90 years and is currently located on the south side of Bellaire Boulevard, west of Wesleyan Street. Despite nearly a century in business, the Houston institution has stuck firmly to its roots -- The bakery still uses the same oven that it used in 1942 and bakes its desserts following the recipes Gus crafted back in 1930.

Three Brothers Bakery (1949)

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