The joyous melody of acceptance: Meet the HUBCAPS

This inspiring local band is formed by teenagers living with autism

There’s an inspiring musical project reminding us all of the importance perseverance and acceptance. They’re called The HUBCAPS, formed by teenagers and young adults on the autism spectrum. Lead singer, Sharp Conoly, and director Ken Stueart, joined Houston Life to chat more about band and what the future holds for them.

HOUSTON – What started as part of an after-school gathering for a group of teenagers and young adults on the autism spectrum, turned into an inspiring musical project.

The local band, The HUBCAPS, was formed 5 years ago under the direction Ken Stueart.

The HUBCAPS at Jones Hall (The HUB Houston)

Stueart has an ability to spot raw talent, and he certainly found it when he joined the faculty of The HUB Houston, a non-residential program supporting neurodiverse teenagers and young adults.

“This group always surprises me. When they are given challenges, they are willing to put in the work needed. Seeing that they have developed remarkable growth in their talents gives me joy that I have helped them to find what truly gives them happiness and that is the love of all music,” said the band director and faculty mentor.

HUBCAPS stands for Heard, Understood, Believed In, Community, Affiliation, Perseverance, & Strength.

“I have grown by collaborating with the band, by trying out different genres and songs, and also by coming out with originals for the band,” said lead singer, Sharp Conoly, who has been part of the band since 2016.

“It’s very exciting to perform alongside my friends. We get to do a lot of songs together,” he said.


The HUBCAPS have performed in a variety of venues around town, from Jones Hall to the Art Car parade.

“In this group, all members have an equal voice and wherever they take me I’m in for the ride. Personally, I would love to see the HUBCAPS performing more in the community and we are writing original songs that I hope they will be able to perform live or record,” said Stueart.

To learn more about the group’s moving story, catch their interview on the link above.

The group will be performing at The HUB’s Annual Fundraiser, May 3rd at 6: 30pm. Check them on The HUB’s Facebook page.

To connect with the band, click here.

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