No shoes, no shirt, no worries: Is there really a nudist resort in the Houston area?

Sunscreen (Pixabay)

Yes, the Houston-area does have its own nudist resort.

Situated on 25 acres in Montgomery County, Emerald Lake Resort is a no-clothing campground where adults who want an extra degree of liberation gather to swim, fish, socialize and relax, unencumbered by their cares -- or their clothes.

The facility, which advertises itself as “Houston’s only nude beach,” is a nudist resort affiliated with both the American Association of Nude Recreation (AANR) as well as Wisconsin-based The Naturist Society (TNS). It’s one of around a dozen such nudist clubs in Texas.

Here, visitors are expected to be mostly naked for most of their stay.

“Many first-time or inexperienced visitors are concerned about being completely nude, especially around others,” the resort’s website reads. “Nudity is REQUIRED, however, we do permit people to disrobe but then use a towel, some type of wrap or robe etc. to cover themselves, until they discover it’s a safe and comfortable environment to completely remove it.”

Sure, nudity is required, but it is by no means a spot rife for voyeurism, according to the resort’s website. Rather, the resort advertises that it offers its guests an au naturel return to nature.

“Expect the peace and the comfort that comes from being clothes free,” the resort’s website reads. “There is no sexuality involved, therefore, tension is reduced and the natural state takes over. You will not be judged by your body size, shape or age.”

To ensure the experience remains appropriate and safe, the resort makes it clear what it tolerates and what it does not. There’s a lengthy list of ground rules.

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