Want to earn some cash? Binge-watch true crime documentaries and get paid for it.

Word of the year for 2015: binge-watch (verb): to watch a large number of television programs (especially all the shows from one series) in succession (iStock / sdominick)

HOUSTON – True crime and mystery enthusiasts can apply for the job of their dreams.

TV company MagellanTV is offering fans a job of a lifetime that offers pay for binge-watching true crime documentaries.

But here’s the catch, though: you will have to stream it for 24 hours nonstop and document your experience on social media.

Documentaries include “The Columbine Massacre: In the Killer’s Mind,” and “Jonestown Paradise Lost’” and range between 45 to 132 minutes of runtime each.

Those who complete their experience will earn $2,400 cash and a one-year membership to MagellanTV.

The company will provide the guidelines and some extra time -- up to 48 hours -- if you need to step away or sleep for a couple of hours.

If you think you could do it, apply for the job here.

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