Take note: This teen with autism wrote the perfect guide on how to treat people

Smile and say hello, ask them questions, Tim Rohrer says

Tim Rohrer (via Facebook).
Tim Rohrer (via Facebook).

After dealing with exclusion by his peers over the years, Timothy Rohrer, a now-young adult who was diagnosed with autism as a second-grader, penned and published a pamphlet in which he basically guides people on how to treat those with disabilities.

Rohrer said he struggled fitting in socially with other students in school.

“Having a disability is not easy,” he said. “People with disabilities can’t defend themselves either.”

On his website, Rohrer opens up about the hurdles he faced as a young person with autism, saying, “I (felt) scared, uncomfortable, lonely and lost. I struggled to fit in with my neurotypical peers at school, my job, on social media, and even at a teen youth group. Being socially isolated frightens me.”

Though there were a few students and staff who helped Rohrer with some difficult situations, he knew there were others who were struggling, too, so he sat down and wrote a pamphlet titled, “How to be a Good Influence to People with Disabilities.”

Except, he said, it’s not just for people with disabilities. It’s for everyone who deals with feeling excluded.

“I’m trying to put an end to social isolation,” he said.

In the pamphlet, Rohrer urges people to put themselves in the shoes of those with disabilities and to imagine what it would be like to deal with the same challenges as they do.

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