From drywall repair to plumbing fixes: 4 videos to DIY repair your home after the Texas winter storm

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HOUSTON – Houstonians and many Texans are finding themselves repairing their homes after water pipes burst due to the winter storm that hit the state last week.

However, most people are dreading the high cost of hiring a contractor or a plumber to do the work for them, which can skyrocket to hundreds or thousands.

As a way of saving money and attempting to rebuild themselves, some Texans are resorting to DIY videos on YouTube to learn how to repair the damage and to identify what parts they need. Some of the items featured on the videos such as a power drill or hammer may be available already.

Patching, repairing drywall after water damage

YouTubers Evan And Katelyn show how to repair and patch a piece of drywall. Perfect for those who finished repairing broken water pipes.

If you find yourself with water-damaged drywall, but no pipes burst, this video, from YouTuber Paul Peck DrywallTube, will show you the easy way to replace it in one day.

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