#Converse and #Pearls: See how women are sporting their Converse shoes and pearl necklaces in honor of VP Kamala Harris on social media

Many women across the U.S. are sporting Converse shoes and pearl necklaces as a nod to VP Kamala Harris. (Sheila Cunningham/Twitter)

HOUSTON – Women across the Houston area and the U.S. are sporting Converse Chuck Taylor or “Chuck” shoes and pearls Wednesday as a nod to Kamala Harris, who was sworn in as the nation’s vice president.

Harris is often seen in pearl necklaces during her appearances, which holds a special meaning. It represents her sorority, Alpha Kappa Alpha, where she was a part of during her time at Howard University, according to People Magazine.

Many women took to social media to showcase photos of their pearls and their colorful Converse shoes as a sign that history had been made for women, regardless of political party.

Here’s what they shared:

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