Treat your coworker to a cup of coffee with Microsoft Teams, Starbucks this holiday season and beyond

Microsoft Teams and Starbucks (Microsoft)

HOUSTON – Two of the largest U.S. companies are teaming up to buy that perfect cup of coffee for your coworkers.

In a blog post from Microsoft Friday, Starbucks has installed an app inside Microsoft Teams, where users can purchase an eGift card to their coworkers within the chat window, becoming a new way to purchase a coffee this holiday season and beyond.

The eGift cards can be used to purchase coffee, pastries, beverages, and other menu items from Starbucks, whether you are in a holiday rush or wanted to show appreciation to your colleagues, according to the post.

Microsoft Teams users can choose between 1,100 eGift card designs and 20 holiday-themed designs from Starbucks.

To learn how to send a Starbucks eGift card via Teams, click here.

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