VIDEO: Santa and Mrs. Claus almost made it to the naughty list after being pulled over by police for broken taillight

A couple dressed as Santa and Mrs. Claus were pulled over by Freeport PD Officer Willard in bodycam footage (Freeport Police Department/Facebook)

FREEPORT, Texas – Santa and Mrs. Claus’ jolly joyride on their “convertible sleigh” caught the attention of a police officer in Freeport, Texas.

In a video from Freeport PD’s Facebook page, Officer Willard pulled over the “convertible sleigh” and greeted them with a “Ho Ho Ho.”

Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus get stopped in their convertible sleigh for having a taillight out. Officer Willard is so excited to see the big red guy, he let's them go with a warning! Merry Christmas everybody! 🎅🏼

Posted by Freeport Police Department - Texas on Friday, December 11, 2020

The convertible they were riding on had a broken taillight, according to Officer Willard. However, he was excited to see the man in red.

“You can’t fit too many presents in it, though,” Officer Willard told Santa and Mrs. Claus, pointing out the convertible’s trunk.

After a moment of laughter, they were let go with a warning.

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